About Us

EV Across America provides a cost effective Worldwide advertising medium using Semi Tractor Trailer and ECO Friendly Wind Skirts. Wind Skirts that are required to be on every Semi Trailer by the end of 2018 in the USA

  • Our Mission’ Go Green and help upgrade
  • 2,000+ Rest Stops on US Highways
  • 1,000+ National Parks
  • 25,000+ LED lighting Upgrades
  • One Million Government Emergency Vehicles
  • Electrify Military Bases
  • Security Upgrades
  • Smart Count, GPS POP Tracking and Reporting
  • Emergency Call Buttons
  • and so much more


Successful Company

Advertising Association of America, 56 percent say when they see an ad on the side of a truck, they perceive the company to be a successful one


Smart Count

Using Proximity Marketing “SMART COUNT” can count any smart device, i.e. cell phone, tablet etc.… that come with 100 feet of the Trailer Skirt Advertising.


Consumers Notice Ads

American Trucking Association Ninety-one percent of people notice words and pictures on truck fleet vehicles

Big Data

Rest Stops and National Parks can collect big data to help improve operational efficiency. Digital screen collect data while delivering advertising and providing a EV charging station, ad delivery to smart devices and provide emergency call buttons all in one device.


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Daily Miles Traveled


USA State Coverage


Ramm (rapid advance multi-media)
     Our Ramm product is a push technology and tracking device. One of the main functions is to push messages to cell phones.
     The second technology is tracking, the tracking technology identifies cell phones within 1000 feet and can tract the phones movement as long as the Ramm pods are within the network.
     As an example, in an airport environment the Ramm pods are placed throughout the airport and track all cell phones that enter, if a cell phone enters a restricted area it can set off an alarm. If there is a crime committed anywhere, it will identify all the cell phones that were within the vicinity.
     When new arrivals enter the country, it can ping the phone, give them a graphic design icon which is universal, they can click on it, choose their language, and the system can give them instructions in their own language of how to enter the country and find essential services.
     For entry points into national parks, monuments or any government facility Ramm can be placed so that guests entering have pre-notifications of the requirements on entering the park, a message is pushed out instructing them that there’s a fee, giving them an option to pay, and all the pertinent information of the day, I. E. Map, food, fuel locations and areas that are off-limits. This should increase the entry point speed by as much as 90%, saving valuable resources and manpower.
     For border patrol, it can offer valuable insight into illegal entry points by identifying the MAC address and tracking the phone within the pods range. It can also send out messages to people crossing the border with instructions or warnings.

EV Charging Station
     The EV Charging station comes equipped with two or three digital panels for advertising or messaging. On the top of the unit there is a 360° camera for security purposes. Also, an emergency call button that can go directly to law enforcement and activate the cameras so that law enforcement can view the entire area around the unit including an exterior speaker. In addition, the Ramm technology is included with each unit to track cell phones that come in contact or even push out a message.
     Digital advertising has built-in facial recognition so ads can be targeted to any demographic and offer enhanced security.
Each EV charging station comes with two fast charger ports and cables.