Terms and Conditions

EV Across Americamedia kit and pricing is based on available rate card information at the time of publishing in net rates and subject to change without notice.

Fleet Tractor Trailer and/or Wind Skirts vehicles in any proposal will have final approval of creative.

EV Across America offers no exclusives categories and may limit some media placement.

Proposed prices and advertising locations are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer.

Final terms and conditions for the specified EV Across America services is contingent upon execution of a mutually agreeable written advertising contract for those services between your company and EV Across America.

Such advertising contracts are subject to inventory availability, compliance with EV Across America standard advertising requirements, pre-existing contractual commitments, and applicable law.

EV Across America neither reserves nor guarantees advertising inventory on the basis of any proposal.

The proposal does not constitute a contract between your company and EV Across America, and its terms, and all communications with respect to the proposal, create no reliance interest.

All information deemed reliable at time of publication but not guaranteed until media placement is contracted.